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Bus Story: Spinning Webs on a Monday

November 8, 2010

A chilly but clear morning with a noticeable difference in light. The bus fills with regulars and a handful of newbies. I’m sitting facing forward and on the left, looking at the raised bench seats that face each other. Sitting on the right side, fully in my sight, is a couple. She’s familiar – pleasant looking woman in her early thirties. Her companion is an attractive, younger guy by a few years with radiant red hair, goatee, and a sweater vest. He’s new to bus riding, taking time to really look at where he’s sitting, has to grab the bar more often, and, most noticeably, hasn’t developed Bus Voice. He’s rather loud, but the ridership smiles indulgently. Across from them is a man who I can’t see except for his hands as he gestures. There is larger gentleman sitting to his right, so from my vantage, I only see his hands and the couple’s reaction. Whatever the topic is, the couple are intently listening, although they just met him – there was an exchange of business cards. They nod, grimace, smile, and tilt their heads quizzically at the same time. All the while, the hidden speaker’s hands dance and point and jab and cajole. I can almost see the threads he is weaving, binding the couple to him, creating a tether to their hearts and minds. I can’t tell if his intentions are good or nefarious, but I’ll bring a pair of good scissors with me in case he’s riding and spinning on the ole 54 regularly.


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