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Bus Story: It’s A Lotta Look

November 5, 2010

Another sunny weirdly warm day and climbing aboard the bus tonight felt a little like an escape. Seems that every rider who smokes heard a voice in their heads that said “smoke ’em if you got ’em” so they puffed away furiously and no matter where I moved on the sidewalk, I was engulfed. So getting on the ole 54 was a breath of fresh air – something not normally associated with a bus. As I settled into a seat in the back, I noticed a woman having a very in-depth discussion the Driver Dude. Well, in depth for her; he’s concentrating on not crashing, which we appreciate. The best way to explain her us is that she seems to be a mélange of characters. Appearing to be in her late 70’s, her shoes are those of a nurse or a classic diner waitress named Nadine who calls you “hon”, if you’re lucky. Black stockings jar with the white shoes, but go better with the skirt taken from a slightly demented flamenco dancer. It is fringed, with a faded pattern, and a slit up the side. For a blouse, she’s wearing an olive green Peanuts t-shirt. I can’t make out what it says, but I can see Charlie Brown and Snoopy in some enigmatic pose. Over the shirt, hanging on her bony frame, almost to her shins is a coat Ms. DeVille would kill for – it’s black and white spotted faux-something-furry. Atop a face made-up almost to Baby Jane Hudson’s specifications, is a shock of red hair, banded to a vertical pony-tail. It’s the color of store brand salsa. I’m impressed with Driver Dude’s concentration. If I had Batty Clown Cruella Salsa Dancer Lady talking at me, I’d probably drive the bus into a tree.


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  1. James Sie permalink

    Wow. Like, wow.

  2. Elizabeth permalink

    OK, so this one had me laughing enough to make my sides hurt. What a picture you have painted. And I too am impressed with Driver Dude. Way to go man. Way to keep your focus!

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