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Bus Story: Busing BattleBots

November 5, 2010

It’s mighty dark this morning as we head into the last weekend of US daylight savings time. And we seem to have drawn some warrior robots onto the ole 54. In one section of the bus, forward of the bendy bit, sits PuffyJacketBot. He’s vaguely man-shaped but has a massive silver jacket that literally takes up two seats. He could house a small island nation just in the front pocket. His wee head peeks out, keeping his soft, vulnerable bits out of range. His head appears shaved to the point of being shiny. At the other end of the bus is SpikesALotBot. She’s a sleek, leather-clad female robot, with hair that likely doubles as an entanglement net. She has a spiked leather wristband, spikes on her jacket shoulders, and even spikes on her handbag. Acupuncture by hugging. Let’s hope these two don’t have any conflict during the ride, or there will be some collateral damage to the rest of us. Peace be with you, transit-loving bots – I’ll get you some nice 3-in-1 oil if you behave.


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