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Bus Story: It’s Still Not Nice To Fool Her, But It Just Got Easier

November 4, 2010

The weather did an about-face today and the ridership is enjoying breezy high 60’s and blue skies as we wend our way home this evening. I think I know why. Sitting on the ole 54 this evening is an older, matronly woman all decked out in shades of green. She has what I can only describe as a fuzzy wool pants-suit in an off-shade of lime. Sensible greenish-brown loafers rest on the floor of the bus, and intertwined in her slightly graying hair is a ribbon patterned with leaves and flowers. Incongruously, she’s wearing big dark sunglasses – like ones you get when the eye doctor dilates your pupils. So Mother Nature had a session at the opthamologist today and she can’t see so well. That explains the wacky weather – must be some sort of autopilot when she can’t see the details. Let’s hope she heals up soon; would hate to think what else she’s not paying attention to during her recovery.


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