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Bus Story: He’s Not Heavy, He’s My…Wait, He IS Heavy

November 2, 2010

A calmer, drier and darker morning than yesterday. The riders on the ole 54 have come off their sugar rushes and crashes from Leftover Candy Monday, and the bus seems quite…normal. Too normal. Maybe it’s the Dead Can Dance tunes playing on Pandora, but there is something ominous in the air. We pull up to a stop that rarely has a rider, and out of the damp, deep purple morning comes a Very Round Man. He’s about 5′ 3″ and his almost spherical body sits atop sturdy looking but very short legs. And perched on his shoulders, like a snowman’s, is his very round head. He swipes his card and maneuvers himself down the aisle. Despite his appearance, he moves quickly and with some agility, dodging the legs of sprawled teens who are likely to miss their stop if they don’t wake up soon. He grins at a squadron of squealing kids, who are still munching on candy they squirreled away. The grin manages to be both jovial and menacing. And then I know who he is. Tweedle Dee. Alone. Where is your brother, Tweedle Dee? I fear that something has happened to Tweedle Dum and his brother rides bus after bus, train after train, searching for him. They are inexplicably intertwined, and I hope they find each other soon. I tremble to imagine what an aggrieved and lone Tweedle is capable of doing to a world that took his brother from him.


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One Comment
  1. I see a Neil Gaiman book about to be written…

    Seriously, it’s a good idea. Run with it.

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