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Bus un-Story: Trapped and Uninspired

October 26, 2010

It’s a day that should be stricken from the books. Unwrite it. Call it null and move on. After a work-day filled with Things That Eat Time And Have No Value, I emerge far later than usual to a Very Blustery Day. And, it seems, an evening of car crashes and road closures. So here is a packed bus taking three times as long and suffering re-routes into the ever-darkening night. As I write, I don’t have any idea where we are, trusting an unknown Driver Dude to get me and my fellow riders to some semblance of familiar road. To top it off, despite the ole 54 being packed to the gills, there is not a single interesting or story-worthy rider or event. Trust me, I’m looking, desperate for something to share, and everyone is doing what we do on buses and nothing stands out. So here we have a “chicken and egg” question: is the story always present and it takes the proper mind-set to see it; or are there truly non-story moments and it doesn’t matter what the purview might be? When strangers fail, philosophy can always be counted on for a modicum of entertainment while trapped in a multi-ton, metal box rolling along in the dark.


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