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Bus Story: With the Rain, Secrets Wash Away

October 26, 2010

Gray, wet and windy greets the collective ridership heading downtown this morning. Nothing surprising there. We started the trip with the usual conglomeration of teens, each eyeballing the other with a mixture of interest and horrified boredom. They depart partway and the next seating arrives and takes over. I see a regular rider this morning but there is something different about her. She is a striking woman, probably in her mid to late 40’s, with a regal, European look to her. She has sharp green eyes, and a mane of coiffed hair, reminiscent of Celine Dion (which she manages to make classier), and is usually in some understated but sophisticated suit. But today, with the rain driving at angles, she’s added a rain coat, of sorts. It’s super-shiny and black. It hugs her frame and flares out at all the right places. The black boots she’s wearing only enhance her look. I think during warmer weather, her alter-ego of executive at an insurance company can hold up. But when the rain comes, she transforms into Supercell! Go get ’em, superhero! Only, could you wait until i get to work? I just ironed this shirt.


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