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Bus Story: I Didn’t Get That Memo

October 25, 2010

Classic Pacific Northwest fall morning – very dark and rainy. The ole 54 is full again, and the added assorted rainwear gives the bus the effect of looking like some slightly off-kilter troopship with everyone all bulked and kitted out with gear. I find a vacant spot in the back, and settle in, clearing the water from my glasses. When I return them to my face, I get a good look at two guys sitting opposite. They didn’t arrive together, but they could be cousins – something about the set of their eyes and the shape of their noses. What I find remarkable is they each have unusual facial hair. One guy has mutton-chop sideburns; massive, but well trimmed hanks of hair on either side of his head. The other guy has what, I think, is called a donegal beard – think of President Lincoln: sideburns, beard around the chin and under, but nothing across his lip. It’s very odd looking on such an otherwise contemporary dude. Clearly the word went out that we should be sporting facial hair with styles that require checking Wikipedia first. If I had received that missive, I would have started growing a Van Dyke instead of shaving this morning. The Social Rules Memo delivery system needs an overhaul.


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