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Bus Story: It Only Takes A Little Effort and Might Have Great Consequences

October 22, 2010

It’s a drizzly morning and we are definitely off schedule – different driver and the bus is very crowded, which is weird. I’m standing in the back and have a good view of our mobile cosmos. Into the belly of the bus comes a wee elderly woman. If you called Central Casting and asked for Little Old Lady, this is who they would send. I’m not close enough, but I bet she smells like sugar cookies. You’d have thought the seated riders right up front would have leaped to their feet. Nope. Several were, themselves, rather decrepit, so clearly not them. But Suit-n-Tie Power Cell Phone Guy and Nancy Grace Helmet Hair Woman could certainly get off their uptight rears and help out. Humanity arrives in the form of Rat-Faced Construction Guy, who not only puts away his textbook and gets up, but pushes his way to the front to help the beaming older woman to his vacated seat. If I had my way, that smiling senior with the little gray hair bun is actually someone’s Fairy Godmother who has started taking public transit to help decrease the fairy dust in the ozone. I know two riders who might wake up tomorrow to find they have anvils attached to their behinds. And one hard-studying Construction Guy who may find his greatest wish has been granted.


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  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Way to go Construction Guy! Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, doesn’t it.

  2. Corporate Daycare permalink

    Karma baby. You’ve got to live like it’s watching your every move.
    Nice observations.

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