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Bus Story: Shakespeare Similarity Ends – Act IV Scene 5

October 21, 2010

Thursday morning and the almost-promise of the weekend arrives and the riders are subdued and contemplative. Except the trio we have been subjected to recently. Romeo-OMG, Juliet-TMI, and Juliet’s squealing handmaiden are once again crammed into their single seat and making teenage pronouncements for all of us to hear. In the time before I can find my Dead Can Dance/Bjork station on Pandora, they have laughingly pronounced that a school chum, sitting a few rows away, should be called Chris and not his real name of Zac. And then they launch into telling each other (and the entire ole 54) about their ethnicity. When Juliet shrieks that she’s “a bunch of stuff, like totally I’m half-European”, I’m done. The tragic children that Will Shakes wrote for us may have been many things, but I never wanted to drop-kick Mr. Montague and Ms. Capulet into a boarding school with a deportment curriculum. Get to school before I find the three sisters from The Scottish Play and sic ’em on you. They ride this line too, y’know!


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