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Bus Story: Shared Experience

October 20, 2010

I don’t know if it’s pipes and fiddle music coming from Pandora, or just an usual streak of mischievousness, but I climbed aboard the ole 54 thinking of ways to shake things up. Looking at the ridership this morning, we have some regular players: Rat-Faced Construction Man is reading a textbook, Super-Secret Silver Briefcase Dude is enjoying a library book, and Should Have Stayed Home Sick Guy is poring over a newspaper (yes, a real paper one). A whole host of others are listening to music on various devices and a small handful are looking at work papers. What if everyone handed their activity to the nearest person to their left? Rat-Faced Guy would be putting on makeup, and the woman next to him would get the work papers from the person to her right. We would certainly learn a little about our compatriots as we transit along to our destinations. Except Mr. Menace; he and his nasty ponytail can keep whatever he’s doing, thankyouverymuch.


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  1. Elizabeth permalink

    And someone would get to write Bus Stories! Humm, I wonder what they would say…

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