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Bus Story: The Star-Crossed Couple, Act II Scene 1

October 19, 2010

Gloriously foggy morning, gives the city a sense of mystery and, at least for me, comfort. Edges are fuzzy and lights twinkle in the gray. And then I climb on a very empty bus – I think it’s a substitute driver and he’s early. But lots of seat choices, which is nice. Not many kids on the ole 54 this morning except we have a return visit from Romeo-Oh My God and Juliet-Too Much Information from yesterday! They are joined by one of Juliet’s giggling handmaidens. When I say joined, I mean on the same seat. Tons of available seats, and these three are crammed together in a standard seat for two; boy pressed against the window. My sense of imminent danger rises. I catch their conversation in mid-babble: The handmaid is telling Juliet that Romeo is Juliet’s “guy” and that Juliet can’t make smart remarks to him. Juliet laughs and says that making nasty comments is in her nature and if he doesn’t get it, well then, “he’s fired!” Peals of piercing giggles ensues, tinged with just enough evil that I get the shivers. Psst, Romeo…there is a red-handled emergency lever right next to your head. At the next stop, I suggest you pull it and jump out the window. We know how this play ends, and you have a chance to escape – RUN!


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