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Bus Story: The Veneer of Indifference

October 18, 2010

The mornings are getting darker exponentially and today starts with a damp chill in the air. I’m on a slightly earlier bus, and it’s filled with tweens and teens heading to school. As usual, they are strewn around the seats like the wreckage of an MTV cruise. Most are working their disdain and sullenness with twice the effort they put into their studies. We “adults” sharing the ole 54 are boring, at best. Across from me are Romeo-OMG and Juliet-TMI – probably 14 and SO mature in their love, that all around them are sigh-inducing annoyances. That is until two younger girls board who are clearly known to Miss Juliet. Her facade drops and she erupts into the giggling, shrieking child she is inside. She disentangles from Romeo without so much as a “see ya”, and scampers off to sit with the girls amidst the constant babble and squeal. Romeo is nonplussed. Somewhere in their burgeoning consciousness, a few children recognize the masks they wear. It’s a good skill, kiddo, keep practicing.


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