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Bus Story: The Disdain of the Same

October 15, 2010

Quite a chilly morning but with amazing sunrise reflecting off the scattered puffy white clouds hovering around the mountains. As Linkin Park’s Chester tears at my heart with his remarkable brand of angst, I spot some other angst brewing on the ole 54. On the bench seats facing the aisle, there are two women sitting next to each other. They are very different in appearance, for the most part: one is in her 40’s, dishwater blonde in that controlled disheveled look, comfy but stylish outfit – more jersey and knit than silk, if you get my drift. The other is in her late 20’s, jet black hair in a very spendy looking style and a tailored suit-like thing, but paired with jeans that have also been tailored. And they have matching scarves. Not similar. Matching. And Ms Tailored 20-Something looks like she could spit fire. She keeps looking at Makes a Jersey Top Stylish with such hatred and fidgets with her scarf. I want a big mirror and show them both how nice they look and that they each make the scarf work. C’mon, there is plenty to be angsty about but this ‘aint one of them.


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