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Bus Story: Stitching a Calamity

October 13, 2010

It’s a beautiful evening with blue skies, a slight breeze and what promises to be a postcard-sunset. I’ve parked myself in a seat, fighting what feels like allergies or a head-cold in the making, and I planned on turning up some soothing music and staring into space. I’m good at that. But then slam-bammo! The bus begins a series of halting, swerving, rocking maneuvers. I wonder if the driver thinks he’s the Last Starfighter and I start getting cranky-worried. Y’know, that combination of feelings that culminates in the sense of “you had better be in trouble, mister, or there’s gonna BE trouble!” Then I notice a woman to my left, and realize we have a more serious problem than my own shorts in a bunch. She’s knitting, and is determined not to alter her work, despite the lurching of the mammoth steel Twinkie we’re riding in. And the guy in front of her is tall and willowy – he can barely keep his seat. It would just take one wrong road bump, head whip, and knit-purl-knit, and Skinny Dude gets acupuncture with a big pointy knitting needle. Hey, Mdme deFarge, I think the scarf can wait for smoother travels! Put up the skewers before you do someone a mischief.


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