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Bus Story: A New Pair of Spectacles, Rose-Colored Tint Required

October 11, 2010

Chilly morning, with the promise of blue skies and a crisp fall day. This town doesn’t really get into Columbus Day, so the ole 54 is filling up with the usual suspects and a handful of new faces. Among the familiar riders, I’ve been noticing one woman in particular. She joins the ride at the stop after mine and she always greets the driver with a big smile and a kind greeting. She’s probably in her early 50’s, has a Gloria Vanderbilt blunt haircut in an auburn that looks like Miss Clairol has been over for coffee a few times. She always wears black, in direct opposition to her cheerful disposition. And it’s always cheerful. She took out a granola bar this morning and you’d have thought it was the most sublime granola bar ever. I’ve had that brand. Sublime, they ‘ain’t. She smiles at seatmates and always has a pleasant look on her face. She has these massively thick glasses with frames that were very popular in 1984. I imagine that she daren’t change glasses because she might lose her outlook. She could probably get thinner lenses these days, with more contemporary frames, but I don’t know if they come with the lovely view she currently has. Keep your specs, Happy Lady in Black. I’m an optimist by nature but you’ve taken it to another level. Keep the happiness at 11 – it’s nice to be around.


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One Comment
  1. James Sie permalink

    I love this lady. Thanks for introducing her to me. Beautiful writing.

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