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Bus Story: What’s in That Bottle?

October 6, 2010

Evening trip home after a day chasing picayune and elusive details; the footy-ball fans hop on for a stop and then scamper off when they realize we are leaving downtown. There is a bit of commotion at the last stop, as the aforementioned fans are confronted by a woman who does NOT want to wait for them to exit before she gets on board. The driver tries to intervene, but she’s having none of it and pushes her way on board. She’s very thin, accentuated by her hair being pulled straight back and tightly bound in what looks like an armband from Sinbad’s Golden Voyage. She’s in a blowzy top, which is rather iridescent, in blues and purples. And her makeup is quite…um…extreme. So I am now sure that someone opened a genie’s bottle and she’s making an escape on the ole 54. I expect she can’t use her powers because the bottle she was in was a fifth of bourbon. I think if anyone is dreaming of this genie, they need serious counseling.


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  1. Was it by any chance Barbara Eden? Perhaps she was trying to relive some glory days…

    Love your writing style, Mr. Sherman.

  2. Elizabeth permalink

    OK, this one really made me laugh. I mean tears in my eyes laughing. How do you do that?

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