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Bus Story: Restrained Fury

October 6, 2010

First day that everyone is in a slightly heavier jacket and that seems to have tinged the air with a scent of crankiness. Add to that the fact the bus is crowded – not standing crowded, but still with the effect of making the ridership feel cramped. I’m in the first seat after the articulation (the bendy-part) so my view is of the two bench seats that are inside the articulating portion, the ones that swivel along with the bus’ midsection. And on one seat is Should Have Stayed Home Sick Guy and on the opposite seat is Mad At The World Dude. Eeek. Sick Guy keeps coughing, spluttering, taking cough drops and generally showing us how sick he is. Angry Dude is just glaring. He’s not reading or anything that might distract him. Just staring across the aisle and getting angrier at every nose-blow and Halls Mentholated drop wrapper. The articulation makes it like some contrived Mad Maxian event. At the sound of the klaxon, Sick Guy will have to cover Angry Dude with enough bile to keep from getting pummeled, while balancing on the spinning bench. Hold on, Angry Dude, we are almost downtown and we can all wash up and burn our clothes.


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