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Bus Story: Snack Confusion

October 5, 2010

A chilly morning and I check the bus number a couple of times because I don’t recognize anyone today. But I’m on the ole 54 at my usual time – not sure where all these people came from today. We even have a different driver. So I’m a little turned around when I notice I’m not the only one who seems confused. Young mom is on board with her overly pinked-out little girl and what I guess is the New Boyfriend. The girl is about 7 and is clearly uncomfortable with the dude. And I would be too. He’s in a black fleece sweater thing, weird looking black loafers, and black corduroy pants. He has an overly trimmed beard and a ponytail – y’know the type – tries to look hip and comes across like a bad made-for-SyFy-Channel movie villain. The mom is entranced by him for some reason and can’t take her eyes off him as she prepares a little baggie with some snacks in it for her daughter. Mr. Menace tries to help, and is taking things out of his pockets. He hands mom a pouch of tobacco (one more affectation, thank you very much), and she almost puts the tobacco into the snack bag. Almost. I was just about to throw my shoe at her and tell her she needs to wake up. I could just imagine little girls in pink and teal rolling cigarettes and arguing about Nietzsche.
Tell your mom what you think about her boyfriend, little miss, you clearly have more sense.


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