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Bus Story: Is That You, Mrs. Brisby?

October 4, 2010

Monday morning felt like it arrived faster than usual today, and even the Sullen Teens were less active as they slumped and slouched their way on and off the bus. The sky is doing that dramatic gold and pink tinged clouds with a smattering of pale blue peeking through – very painting-like or an animator’s vision of a morning sky. Looking up, I see a guy take a seat and rummage through his satchel for a book. He’s dressed in construction garb: work boots, those tan work pants, flannel check shirt, serviceable jacket, baseball cap. He catches my eye because, without being ugly, he looks like a rodent. He has a very long face, a longer nose, a slight overbite, close-set very dark eyes, and a full beard. His hair is short under the cap, and his little ears kinda stick out of the sides. But despite this, the look suits him – he manages to look like a rat without being…well…ratty. He’s reading a textbook and making notations. So, of course, I think the rats of NIMH have managed to take their development to the next step and are hanging out with us and keeping up with their studies. I expect Nicodemus is teaching at the University and Ratty McRat over there is taking night classes when his shift finishes.


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