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Bus Story: We are a Strange Species

September 30, 2010

It’s a gorgeous evening as the other riders and I make our collective way home on the ole 54. It’s quite a variety tonight as I glance around me. A smattering of tired looking professional types, with laptops and e-readers and a few seniors in the front with walkers and/or canes, taking quietly with each other and Grumpy Driver Lady (grumpy though she may be, she always makes time for them). There is Skankster Dude, who licks his lips at inappropriate moments and causes women to either flinch or look like they will kick him in the shins if he moves even a centimeter towards them. Behind me are two women discussing their faith and their ability to love unconditionally in such loud voices that I can’t help but think if you have to tell people how virtuous you are, then maybe you aren’t. And lastly, we find a young man who sat to my left, dressed in his best white shirt and tie. He smiled politely at everyone who passed and thanked Grumpy when he departed a moment ago. In his quiet, respectful way, I will remember him most from tonight’s ride. People are difficult, charming, evil, kind, and, ultimately, all human. If only we could be less distracted with all the Stuff, we might have time and space to see that.


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