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Not a Bus Story: It’s Fast Food, Not Sophie’s Choice

September 25, 2010

I had a day without riding the ole 54 and found myself at lunchtime in line at a fast food taco and burrito place. You know the one. They make big honkin’ burritos with a surfer kinda theme. Got it? Anyway, it’s not complicated and I am standing behind a woman who is ordering and you’d think she was picking which limb to amputate. After enough time passed for the poor goober behind the counter to get a P.h.D. in industrial psychology, she settled on “six layered nachos”, but commented that, since she didn’t know what the layers are, she may not want all of them. I just barely restrained the urge to wrap her head in foil like a massive but empty burrito. Then I catch sight of a name tag she’s wearing. Deerdree. That’s her name. That’s how it’s spelled. So I guess that parents who would saddle her with that spelling can’t have been expected to teach her how to order food. Enjoy your nachos, Deerdree – try to remember to chew, swallow and then breathe.


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  1. Elizabeth permalink

    Oh, I love that you are venturing out into the world with your stories! Bus stories are so cool, so why not add some from other places. More, more!

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