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Bus Story: He Who Hesitates and All That

September 23, 2010

It is a very subdued commute this morning, despite sparkling blue skies among some scattered clouds. I think everyone feels like today should be Friday, so we are all quietly grumpy that it’s only Thursday. I glance out of the window at our last stop before downtown and there is a guy who can’t decide if he wants our bus or the one coming up behind us. He hesitates, moves just slightly toward the arriving bus and ours pulls away. He is then gripped in a panic because clearly ours is the bus he wants. He jumps, yells, and waves his arms. And the ole 54 slows, stops, and he races aboard, panting his gratitude to the driver (Driver Dude is on vacation, I think). So he who hesitates is not always lost, but he’s frequently out of breath and owes the universe a little reimbursement.


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