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Bus Story: Preserving the Odd

September 22, 2010

It’s a very packed ride home after a particularly trying day, and judging by the expressions on my fellow riders’ faces, mine was not a unique experience. Tucked into this SRO bus is a young woman who managed to find a seat. Stranger still is what she is carrying and has managed to keep intact. She’s a slouchy sort, with a striped, belted dress that looks like the patterns I used to see at Woolworth’s when I was a kid. And her hair is stripey – streaks of red, brown and dishwater blonde. On her lap is a package from Amazon. It’s unopened, so I surmise it’s something she ordered, rather than a gift. The odd bit is the large sprig of mint she is clutching. It’s about a foot and a half of the fresh, bright green herb. She holds it aloft, by the base, among all the crushing throng on the ole 54. Perhaps she’s ordered a collection of Somerset Maugham from Amazon and is heading home to make a mess o’ juleps. Or she’s planning a trip to South America and wants to try making mojitos at home. Or it’s some ancient curse-lifting ritual and she has to carry mint for 20 days and nights and then can return to her rightful form as a rare striped ocelot.


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One Comment
  1. Elizabeth permalink

    You have quite the imagination my brother. Really, truly, a gift!

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