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Bus Story: Future Present

September 20, 2010

It’s a very Monday-feeling Monday with the slight chill of approaching fall in the air. I choose some particularly bouncy dance tunes to try and kick the day into a higher gear. I notice a kid I haven’t seen before among the Sullen heading to school. He’s pudgy, probably 16, with shoulder-length, very straight brown hair. He has that lip-fuzz that boys of a certain age think of as a mustache. Along with wire-frame glasses, he’s in khakis, sneakers, and a nondescript polo shirt. Other than feeling bad for him and hoping that he’ll figure out that his “look” is rather tragic, I don’t pay much attention. Until 3 or 4 stops later when a young man climbs aboard and sits opposite Tragic Boy. He’s about 35 and other than his mustache being slightly more filled in, he is identical. Same hair, glasses, body shape…even khakis and a polo. And he’s a fair bit heavier. I think someone has been messing about with time travel and forgot the bit about not interacting with your past self. Or maybe the ole 54 is moving through some time ripple and Tragic Boy’s future is that he’s still sitting on the same bus, wearing the same clothes 20 years from now. Hey Driver Dude, I’ll get off at the next stop, thank you – I see a store and I have an overwhelming need to buy some very different clothes.


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