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Bus Story: Super Powers for the Modern Traveler

September 14, 2010

Just as the bus was about to pull away from our last stop downtown, two women fairly glided aboard. They are both blonde, big dark glasses, slight, and of indeterminate age. Both in black jumper tops and one is wearing a black and lime green print skirt and the other in jeans. I keep trying to figure out if they are twins, and think not, but it’s close. Of particular note, they have matching tattoos on their right ankles. It’s not a design or symbol I know – looks a little like a kanji, but not quite. I think they are the current incarnation of the Wonder Twins. They face each other, touch ankles and transform! Wonder Twin power activate! Form of a Coffee-Drinking Minotaur! Form of an Umbrella Wielding Banshee! Now those would be useful superpowers during a commute!


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  1. Love reading your bus stories. In my mind, I’ve always made up little stories about people I see every day on the bus to amuse myself and wondered how close am I to the truth? It may sound strange but I listen in to people’s conversations and try to figure out the facts of their lives. People are really not aware how much of themselves they reveal when they’re chatting with friends on their cellphones. Scary.

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