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Bus Story: Economics – It Takes All Kinds

September 11, 2010

The ride home is a study in contrasts tonight. To my left are a pair of Marginal Dudes. They appear to be heading to either a group home or perhaps a shelter. They have a strong smell of alcohol and The World’s Unkindness upon them. They are deep in discourse about the state of the economy and a friend of theirs who “made big cash this week” with his “business…y’know.” Across the aisle and up a row is a guy who could be anything from a software guy to a teacher. I can’t place him at all. And he’s balancing his checkbook, classic style, with a pen and handwritten notes on a spiral notepad. He’s accounting for each and checking it over. And finally, to my right is a young couple, probably in their early twenties, who are talking about their next sailing trip and what concerts they can’t wait to go to. They are in the blush of a period of disposable income. Money divides and can define people into groups. But we all have stories to tell and that can often bridge the gap. Or we could just start bartering again.


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