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Bus Story: School Begins and There are Lessons to be Learned

September 9, 2010

The school year has started on the route of the ole 54. We are not as crowded as I remember last year, but today’s group has what we might expect. There is Uber-Organized Dude, who is busily making labeled folders and arranging his books in his satchel. There are a pair of I Can’t Be Bothered Girls, who are trying to one-up each other on how totally boring school is, even before they get there. But my favorite this morning is Pout As If Your Life Depended On It Kid. He’s slouching so far down in his seat that he’s almost completely prone. He sighs, heavily, at each passenger who walks past him. Decked out in all new clothes, and sharp new sneakers, he’s making a desperate play for anyone to say, “Oh, poor wee child. You are so unhappy, you don’t have to go to school.” Yah, right. Suck it up, little goober. Look around you – we are all going someplace we’d rather not this morning, so sit up straight, get thee to school, and open your mind to the possible.


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