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Bus Story: Looking Out the Window aka A Study in Avoidance

September 8, 2010

The Tuesday after a long weekend and the ridership on the ole 54 is weary. It’s a quiet group this evening, everyone just looking to get home without incident or issue. And one by one, each rider is confronted by something we’d just as soon not look at: lounging across the sideways bench seats is a very big man. His clothes and general appearance is hovering between slovenly and homeless. For all I know, he worked hard to get his jeans to look that horrible. The jeans are the primary clothing that registers because the way he is lounging, the back of his pants are not doing an adequate job of protecting us from viewing his backside. Think plumber-cliche times eleventy-six. A few riders have made eye contact, perhaps in a vain attempt to get him to shift his position, but he clearly has the look of someone whose deck has no face cards. So we all try to look anywhere else. Desperately. I have never seen so many people deeply engrossed in a book or staring out the window. Maybe I’ll get out a few stops early. It would be good to look at some gardens and the sparkly water and try to un-see the last 20 minutes.


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