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Bus Story: An Irregular Regular

September 2, 2010

My music player is going for totally random this morning, pulling tunes from Gilbert & Sullivan and then Peter Gabriel and culminating in a little Green Day. With a variety of music rolling in my head, I smile at the arrival of the usual riders on the morning trip of the ole 54. There is one dude who I have seen for months now and it finally hit me today what is…off about him. He carries the most unusual shoulder-bag and seems to have a strange, knowing half-smile stuck on his face. The bag is square – not rectangular, it’s completely square. It’s big enough that he has to maneuver it around people as he clambers toward a seat. It has a fabric covering that is slightly metallic looking – like something that an astronaut would carry on the space station. He’s non-descript, other than that weird smile. So, of course, I think he’s got something really cool in the bag/box, like maybe a prototype for a shrink-raygun. Or maybe it’s the head of Medusa, and he’s keeping it safe in case the kraken decides to make an appearance in Puget Sound. Or he’s running some sort of test equipment while he’s on the bus. Hmm. I think I’ll sit a wee bit further away in the future. Just in case.


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