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Bus Story: Not So Ready for a Closeup

August 30, 2010

A brisk, sunny Monday commute starts normally enough with the usual gang on the ole 54. As I near the back, heading for an plethora of open seats, I notice a woman sitting by herself. She is enrobed in black, with a stylish hat, tasteful but fancy shoes, and very dark sunglasses. Perhaps it’s the hat, the scarf, and the whole incognito effect, but I’d swear the great Greta Garbo was on my bus. Except she’s tapping away on a Blackberry. Sighing, I look out the window, my fantasy slightly dented. Driving by the bus at that moment is an older woman, also with old Hollywood style, including a black & white leopard-print shrug. She has a small Scottie terrier safely ensconced in her handbag next to her. Might as well have been Miss Tallulah Bankhead. Okay, if Bette Davis or Eve Arden climb on board, I’m getting autographs and then heading for the exit, ’cause the bus has clearly taken a detour and I’m underdressed for it.


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  1. I read your blog as a welcomed diversion from the mundane, the grind, the clock. You never disappoint me…

  2. I wish I had been there for that. I’m glad to see hats for men coming back, but they go with a suit, not a t-shirt.

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