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Bus Story: The Distinction of New

August 23, 2010

Last stop before we head downtown and last rider to come aboard is new.  New to the morning commute and clearly new to riding the bus.  He practically had to be invited on board by Bus Driver Dude and he had no idea that he had to pay when he got on.  Rookie stuff – we’ve all been there. He hovered at the front of the bus before tentatively sitting down.  He’s a young guy, probably in his early 20’s.  He’s wearing a full Adidas track suit (complete with the duffle bag) and dark glasses.  The last time I saw someone in a whole outfit like that was on The Sopranos.  Then I catch a glimpse at a paper he keeps checking – he’s got jury duty.  Why he’s on the bus for the first time makes sense now.  But the clothes?  Maybe he thinks if he looks like he’s connected, they’ll dismiss him.  Or he thinks there is a gym in the courthouse.  Either way, welcome to the ole 54, goober.


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