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Bus Story: Tilt Your Head Slightly and Take Another Look

August 11, 2010

Perhaps it’s the sparkling blue sky, brisk morning temperature, and Jimmy Somerville singing “You are My World” in my ears. Or perhaps it’s because I’m exhausted by the news of how dire things are in our world and that we are searching for heroes in people who lose their cool and quit their jobs in dramatic ways. Whatever the reason, the ole 54 seems filled with promise of better days: a young man is studying something diligently for summer school, he writes intensely, checks his notes, re-writes and nods to himself. Perhaps in time, he will unravel the challenge of energy dependence. A Doogie Howzer-esque dude, in doctor scrubs, is on his way to his shift; perhaps he’ll save someone’s life. Or many someones. And a very kind deaf man who works, I think, at a restaurant downtown, is always reading massive textbooks on advanced physics. He could make a remarkable discovery about cosmic string theory that revolutionizes how we see our universe. Perhaps I’m just holding my head at an odd angle and just changed my perspective at the moment, but maybe it’s what we all need once in a while.


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