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Bus Story: From Function to Fashion

August 5, 2010

As we roll along towards downtown this morning, I look along the aisle of the ole 54 and see what shoes everyone has chosen to wear this morning. There is quite the selection, from a pair of sandals on a woman that I l know Tony Curtis wore in Spartacus, to a pair of flats on another that are embroidered so beautifully that I don’t know how she can bear to wear them outside. And I start thinking about that transition moment when someone first took what was undoubtedly a purely functional foot covering and embellished it. Then someone else saw it and said, “I LOVE your shoes, can I get them in a size 6 with fur instead of monkey teeth?!”. And poof voilà. Fashion. What will be the next thing to make that transition? Do we have anything left that is pure function? If you spot it, grab it, and I’ll bring the sequins.


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