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Bus Story: It’s Like, y’know, so Totally Unfair

July 31, 2010

A bumpy week finishes and I find a seat near three teens drinking bubble-tea. An alarm klaxon warms up in my head. Jimmy Eat World finishes playing and my iPod switches to a soft blugrass number by Chris Thile. Love the song, but I can now hear the teens over the music. Yellow alert. Before I can think to shuffle or turn up the volume, I hear the petulant whine coming full force from two of them, bemoaning that they can’t possibly be expected to have some book or other read and written about before school starts. The words “like”, “y’know”, and “unfair” spew forth like foam from a fire extinguisher, coating me and the other nearby riders with their indignance and lack of vocabulary. Red alert! Before I turn on them to plead with them to read a book or two and actually pay attention to the language, shields snap into place, iPod shuffles, and ABBA blasts SOS into my ears! Ah the sweet relief of perfectly syncopated, phonetically learned English, slightly tinged by Scandinavia, surrounds me. Let’s take a moment to turn towards Sweden and bow our heads in thanks – it has a good beat and saved my sanity, I give it a 10!


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