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Bus Story: Fee Fie Fo Far Out

July 28, 2010

It’s a humid busload that heads out of downtown, windows wide open, giving some circulation but little relief. I start writing immediately as I notice both a woman with “laugh” tattooed on her ankle, and a guy dressed like he’s in a revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar” scribbling feverishly in a journal. Faced with two viable stories, I only barely noticed that all the daylight was gone, blocked out by something. I looked up. And up. And then I looked around to make sure everyone else saw him. They did. A big guy was standing in the aisle, appraising whether he would fit in the seat. Big. Sort of like saying that the Louvre is big, or the Lincoln Memorial. He had to duck to stand in the rather substantial bus, and his bulk was gasp-inducing. And, no, he could not fit in the seat. He moved toward the front in search of some tandem seats that might work. I expected the bus to shake and him to be humming something soothing and vaguely menacing. There be giants on the ole 54, and Ankle Tattoo Woman and Tattered Rock Opera Dude will just have to wait. Mythical beings trump just about everything these days.


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  1. hey, richard. do you tweet? if so, what’s your handle? your stuff is really good and is worth promoting…

    • Hey Charlie – thank you so much for your kind words! I do indeed tweet as @RLSherman – thank you again!

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