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Bus Story: It’s a Direction, a Martini Option, and a State of Being

July 23, 2010

Climbing aboard the bus this evening, I overheard a nicely dressed woman in her middle 40’s ask the driver if the bus “is going up?” She quickly added that she meant to ask whether the street numbers would increase on the direction we were heading. I left her in the capable direction-giving hands of Driver Dude and made my way to my seat. The question got me thinking about “up” and our relation to it. Rockets and balloons go up. Trees, and many other living things, grow up. We are said to “feel up”, and we often look up for guidance or answers. And, of course, a drink can be served “up”. So to answer the Direction-Seeking Woman’s question about whether the ole 54 goes up, I think it depends on the day and who you ask. And clearly, if you want to know how to get somewhere, don’t ask me.


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