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Bus Story: Cutting Yourself on the Edge of Patience

July 16, 2010

Today was a study in technology pushing people to their limits. And not in a good way. At the office, we experienced a failure of almost every system in a cascade of frustration. First the network was jumpy. Best word for it. Jumpy. Then faxes stopped coming through the email delivery system. Then the phone system tanked, followed closely by email and the system that tracks copier use. Ka-plotz! We’re using cell phones to reach clients and using time to clean offices and, for some folks, to take vacation and leave for the day. So after that day, I arrive at a bus stop, faced with delayed buses because…you guessed it….there was one bus stuck, blocking two lanes due to failure of the power lines to do whatever they do to make the electrically powered buses go. Then, temper already at the edge, I climb aboard an overly crowded bus to staring down a woman who decides that her bag gets to have a seat when people are standing. That edge I was facing felt very present and quite sharp. Must’ve been something in my look, because she moved her bag and gave up the seat next to her to a nice lady. Good thing too. Felt like I might go all Scary Monster/Dark Phoenix on the already stressed riders of the ole 54.


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