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Bus Story: Summer Days and Wagner

July 7, 2010

Summer has arrived with a sunny morning and the ridership has embraced the season quickly. For many, this bus looks like it could be heading for the beach rather than downtown. There is one very robust young woman who, at first glance, seemed to be in some sort of summer garb, showing off her shoulders, arms, and a short skirt exposing her muscular, kinda beefy, very pale legs. I look again and the top is very armor-like; sort of a breastplate look. She’s very blonde, with her long hair pulled upwards into a tight bun – almost as if she has to fit it into a…well, a helmet. Her flashing blue eyes catch me examining her and I glimpse the terrible truth: one of the Valkyrie is riding the ole 54. They typically arrive to gather the souls of brave warriors to bring them to Valhalla. Her winged steed must be at the vet. If you’re here for the bus driver, Brunhilde, could you wait until my stop?


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