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Bus Story: First Impressions aka Book Covers and Our Assumptions

June 29, 2010

I scooted aboard the bus this evening and, as I settled in, tuning in some Peter Gabriel and enjoying the sun and cool breeze, I noticed the guy at the back of the ole 54. He’s very lean, with dark wire frame glasses. His hair is combed forward; not hiding anything but an affectation of style. He’s wearing red suspenders over a basic Target-esque shirt. Thin-whale dark blue cords and slip-on, light brown shoes with no socks complete the picture. He looks like a student-revolutionary from some darkly odd Czech film, or he’s trying very hard to affect just that impression. I restrain an impulse to shout “Hey Milos, wake up – you missed the Velvet Revolution!” It’s probably not the best choice of things to shout at sleeping people on the bus.


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