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Bus Story: App Dev and Other Foreign Languages

June 17, 2010

With Foreigner’s “Cold as Ice” playing, I take a seat. Quickly, I notice other riders looking past me, over my right shoulder, at two guys having a discussion behind me. Curious as to why everyone is noticing them, I silence the music and listen in. They are both speaking in a volume which indicates they were never taught the concept of Inside Voice, or they’ve damaged their eardrums from blasting Linkin Park. In any case, it’s not the volume that has everyone’s attention, it’s the subject matter. They are intently discussing something to do with Facebook user profiles: how to develop tools to ensure there are no conflicts during user experiences, “thawing” profiles, and a vast number of terms that I couldn’t follow, much less recall here. After a particularly lengthy diatribe on Goodness Knows What, one said, “I just need to write that script – I have a picture in my head.” I think the others on the ole 54 who speak Dev were trying to learn what they were working on. The rest just heard “Facebook” and were trying to grasp any other recognizable word. And any other HR wonks like me were concerned about them talking about it in public.


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