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Bus Story: Eternal Internal Struggle

May 28, 2010

It’s a rough morning on the ole 54. It’s the Friday before a long weekend and the weather is dismal and wet. Not surprising for the Pacific Northwest, but by the end of May, we need a sun break. Ridership reflects the weather and among the usual crowd we have a young man who has been knocked about by the Universe a little too roughly. And right after we leave the last local stop before we head downtown (dutifully announced by the driver) he lopes his way to the front and engages the driver in that age-old game of Wheedle, Plead, Blame, and Pout. The driver is not allowed to stop; we are not near a stop and are practically on an expressway on-ramp. But something in the kid tore through The Rules and the driver quickly pulled over and with a gentle nod, said “Go. Just go quickly.” The guy started to reply with some word of thanks, but took one look at how tenuous his Rule Tear was and scooted out the door. It’s a battle we all fight almost every day, Driver Dude, and the ridership approves of the outcome today.


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