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Bus Story: Squinting at the Future

May 21, 2010

The ole 54 is running a wee bit early this gray morning, so we have lots of riders dashing to catch up and scoot aboard. This includes me, so I’m a little out of breath when I find a seat in the yet unoccupied back section of the articulated bus. Or at least I think it’s unoccupied. After I catch my breath and settle in, I notice there is a woman by herself in this section; on that big bench seat across the back. I could have sworn she wasn’t there a moment ago. She has long dark hair that cascades over her shoulders. Nothing remarkable about her clothes except a brooch that is half hidden under her hair, pinned to her coat. It’s very shiny. Very. It’s either brand new or recently cleaned. I take another look, to see if I can tell what the brooch is; y’know, in case I’ve seen something like it on Antiques Roadshow. And I notice tears in her dark brown eyes. She’s looking forward, but her gaze seems unfocused. She occasionally squints slightly and winces, as if she’s reliving something or seeing something that I can’t. Then she breaks into an amazing smile that outshines her brooch. Prophecy is a harsh mistress, Cassandra, but I’m glad to see you smile.


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