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Bus Story: Generational Geek Gap

May 19, 2010

It was close quarters on the ole 54 express this evening. I’m squished in the back, when the last two riders climb aboard and, chattering as they make their way, one sits to my left and the other slightly back and to my right. And the chat continues unabated. She’s a blend of Miss Prism and Marian the Librarian. He’s half Professor Plum and half a troll who can’t find his bridge. I caught a little of his diatribe, and when he launched into the shows he said he used to spend Saturday night watching: Space 1999, The Prisoner, and Star Trek, my ears perked up. I mean, I watched those shows myself. Could this disheveled, smelly uber-nerd and I share an interest in rather campy sci-fi? Then he starts dissing Patrick McGoohan. Says he was too one dimensional, too much angry-young-man, and “he needed a little guile for God’s sake.” I couldn’t risk the confrontation and quickly tuned him out. I will happily debate sci-fi with almost anyone, but I draw the line at stinky guys with hair sticking out of their ears.


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