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Bus Story: Enhanced Offspring

May 7, 2010

A very quiet and uneventful ride this sunny morning. I do notice a young man in the row on front of my who can’t seem to take his eyes off the young woman across the aisle. He’s a nice enough lookin fella who might want to rethink the amount of product in his hair. And he’s got quite a nose on him. Now, granted, this is a little like the pot calling out the kettle, but it’s just the way it is; when he washes his face, he loses the bar of soap. The girl is not interested. She doesn’t even turn her head, even a little, so I really don’t know much about her, until she gets up to leave, still not looking at the guy. And then I realize that the universe is just being careful. She’s sporting quite the nose herself. Good thing these two don’t hook up. Their kid could potentially wipe out the Earth’s ozone with one sneeze.


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