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Bus Story: The Misadventures of Hackles and Hypertension

May 5, 2010

The soothing and somewhat haunting sounds of Coldplay are now in my head, rescuing me from a double-whammy earlier this ride on the ole 54. I plunked down in my seat, no music playing yet..thought I might enjoy the ambient chatter of my fellow riders. Ka-blamo! A woman lands in the seat behind, already on her phone, and she’s irritated. Well, that’s like saying a wolverine is irritated when you blow in his face and poke his nose. She’s in a high dudgeon, and just the tone of her voice has my hackles on edge. She’s using her Entitled Indignant voice and it’s careening off the walls of the bus and hammering my head. If that wasn’t bad enough, she says “like” every other word. I’m, like, not kidding. I mean, like, y’know. Now hackles roll over to high blood pressure. Before I explode or hurl myself out of the window, with shaking fingers, I find the music player and crank up the volume. Sweet relief as Pink Martini drowns out all but the most shrill of her tones. Music can soothe the savage beast, they say, and it can also provide much needed bubble-wrap for the soul.


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