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Bus Story: It’s Probably Best Not to Know

May 1, 2010

I seem to be on a bus comandeered by Central Casting. To my left is Trod Upon Geek, complete with a flinch-response to everyone who walks by. Across the aisle is Smooth Operator Sleazoid. Everything from his hair to his shoes to his glances at women is oily. A few rows ahead is Harried SuperMom, frantically calling the sitter to get her not to cancel tonight. And sitting next to me is Gum Smacking Hair Flipping Teen yakking her head off on the phone about the way someone spoke to her at Abercrombe. Surrounded by these charactures, I can only wonder who I am tonight? Hmm. Best not to look too deeply at that, but turn The Eagles a little louder and just relax into the weekend.


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