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Bus Story: Change the Topic, I’m Begging You

April 29, 2010

Caught an earlier bus today and it’s one of the smaller ones, so I can hear conversations better. Not a good thing as it happens. Two women in the back are talking about their exercise routines and that they always are barefoot. For instance, one would never even think of doing cardio with shoes on and, then, talking over each other, they go on and on about the same thing. It’s been 15 minutes and they are still exclaiming the virtues of being barefoot. Barefoot yoga, barefoot free weights, barefoot treadmill – it’s like they are trying to see who can be the more fervent about this. I can’t bring myself to look behind me to see them. Perhaps they have hobbit feet. That is the only thing that would make it okay; to see these two exercise-obsessed women with big, hairy feet poking out of their Urban Outfitter pants.


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