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Bus Story: The Magical Mystery Dome

April 14, 2010

A usual trip home this bright and sunny evening. Baseball season is starting so we have some non-regulars who catch the ole 54 to get them partway to the stadium. They are often louder than the usual commuters; they are going to a baseball game and taking the bus all in the same night. Hard to contain the giddy. So I’m sorting through the noises; the guys in jerseys and torn jeans and their dates dressed like they are going to The Savoy, when someone boards who completely eliminates all competition for my attention. He’s tall, slightly framed and is wearing one of those slicker-coats that automatically makes him look like a stalker. Balancing atop a neck that seems to be on the verge of structural failure is a massive completely bald head. Small beady eyes watch from beneath his non-existant eyebrows. He strides the length of the bus, looking imperiously at each rider who *dares* to take a seat before him. I pretend to have issues with my phone to not meet his gaze directly. It’s one thing to see the offspring of a science experiment between Lex Luthor and Brainiac and entirely another to look into it’s eyes. Someone ring up the Justice League, they have got to see this.


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