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Bus Story: Sprung from Teen Lockup

April 5, 2010

The Grass (lawn) Smoking Peyote Boys are back. Someone must have bailed them out of juvy. They are both decked out in faux gangsta hoodies and baseball caps, sold as a set from Target at $39.99. Today’s excitement is that the ole 54 passed a pair of police cars who had pulled over a red pickup. “Piggies!”, one of them squeals. And then relates, with plenty of “dude”, “like”, and “totally” mixed in, that the cops were following him around the stadium this weekend because he tried to get some guy to buy him beer. It’s hard to pinpoint what is most repugnant about them. I have to trust the universe will eventually deal them the hand they deserve. Or I can try tripping them on their way off the bus the next time. Either Big Justice or Small Victory is fine with me.


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